Vampires are a supernatural predator species that feed on the blood of other creatures; humans and animals.


Characteristics Edit

Vampires seem to look exactly like humans but they have glowing red or purple eyes, fang-like canine teeth and pale skin. They do not appear in the mirror like the traditional vampire, but they are not harmed or affected by crucifix's or garlic, their origin still unknown. Vampire cannot ingest normal food of humans, when they consume it, they will vomit all of it, they can only feed on blood.


Vampires are known for their tremendous strength and their ability to regenerate their wounds. They also have a increased sense of smell, hearing, and sight.

Superhuman Strength - Vampires are stronger than humans (Only for vampires that drink human blood.)  

Superhuman Speed - Vampires can move at incredible speeds, that appear as nearly invisible. 

Superhuman Agility - Vampires can jump, climb, run, react much greater than humans. Also they can jump with their speed too.

● Heightened Senses - Vampires have far better senses than humans.

Longevity - Vampires possess a longer lifespan than humans. They can live for 130 years.

Enhanced Regeneration - Vampires can quickly heal from any wounds without scar or mark.

● Superhuman Durability - Vampires can endure pain and wounds.

●  Highly Stamina - Vampires are able to maintain activity for longer than any human. They can even run over 100 laps, without getting tired

Weaknesses Edit

●  Sunlight - Vampires were burned by sunlight until they changed their diets to non-human blood so it now only affects the very few vampires that still drink human blood.

Silver - Silver burns and weakens a vampires' strength.

Starvation - Without blood for 12 hours they will presumably grow weak and die.

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