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Jo Ah Ra is an antagonist like female character. She has a love interest in Jung Jae Min. She threatens to reveal Baek Ma-Ri's secret because Ma Ri was able to get Jae Min to fall in love with her without doing anything until she was caught by Si Hoo.


AhRa has blonde, neck-length hair and brown eyes. Her fringe is normally tucked behind her ear (usually unseen). She is shown to be as tall as Ma Ri.


At first, she hated Ma Ri and threatens to tell her secret if Ma Ri doesn't leave Jae Min. She was stopped by Si Hoo. Later, she joined the band club. When the MT came, she acted like she didn't like any of it. But a short while, she came to love it. She seemed to care for Ma Ri at the end of the season, but usually denies it.

Relationships Edit

Baek Ma Ri: Initially, Ah Ra saw Ma Ri as her rival for Jae Min. She constantly tried to intimidate Ma Ri, but all her attempts failed miserably. She finds out Ma Ri is a vampire and tries to use this against her, but fails. She begins to be nicer towards Ma Ri after this, but still tries to steal Jae Min from her. When Ma Ri is finally revealed to be a vampire, Ah Ra becomes very protective of her, as shown when she took Yoo Chae Rin's phone when she was tried to report Ma Ri to the Vampire Reporting Center and threatened to wipe Chae Rin off the face of the planet if she hurt Ma Ri.
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