Han Si Hoo
Han Si Hoo









Han Si Hoo is a male supporting character.


Si Hoo has white hair and a pale complexion. His fangs and yellow pierced ears are shown occasionally. He has red eyes.


He does not trust humans at all, and thinks highly of himself. Yet, he also seems to have a caring side, as he defended Baek Ma Ri when Jo Ah Ra threatens to tell the whole school that Ma Ri is a vampire. He also tells Baek Ma Ri to go to Jung Jae Min, as he was waiting for her. He likes Baek Ma Ri and hence gets agitated when Jae Min hurt her feelings and made her cry.



Due to the "shortage" of vampires, he and Baek Ma Ri were arranged to be married since they were both very young. Although he claims to be just as unsatisfied as Ma Ri with the arrangement, he eventually confesses to her that he likes her and asks her to go out with him. Han Si Hoo is also known to have drank the blood of Yoo Chae Rin, who self-proclaims herself to be his girlfriend, but he later reveals he never had any emotional attachment to her.

He reveals that he and Ma Ri are future husband and wife as their marriage is already arranged in front of Jae Min and Chae Rin. He later on confesses that he liked Ma Ri and asked her what does she like about Jae Min to be going out with a human even though she is a vampire.


Due to his diet of human blood, he regains the original powers of vampires, eventually including a traditional aversion to sunlight.


  • Han Si Hoo has fast regeneration skills due to being a vampire.

Sense of Smell Edit

  • Si Hoo has a heightened sense of smell. This is a typical trait of vampires. He uses it to escape Chae Rin when she arrived later on he stopped.

Flight Edit

  • He was able to fly due to his human blood diet. He flew when trying to cheer up Ma Ri.

Super Strength Edit

  • He was able to have super strength due to his human blood diet. He smashed a wall when threatening  Jo Ah Ra.
    Ah ra


  • He is 18 years old.
  • He stopped drinking pig blood two years ago.
  • He is often shown playing video games in the band club room.
  • He is nicknamed "Whittie" by the Korean fans, most likely from his hair color.
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