Baek Ma Ri goes to see where the "Band Club" sign is pointing. She finds a small, shabby warehouse on their school grounds. She takes a peek inside the warehouse from the broken window and see the guitar leaning on a chair. Finding it in there, she tells herself that she wants to play it. Knowing that students are having their clean-up's on their room right now, she goes inside the warehouse, tune the guitar, and plays it. She likes the guitar since whenever she plays it, she forgets everything else. She is startled when someone applause after she finish playing the guitar. She sees Jung Soo Ri with drools on her mouth and half-covered by a blanket. Soo Ri immediately goes beside Ma Ri and invites her to be in the band club for the school festival.

Chap 05

Soo Ri still persuading Ma Ri to join the band club, starts to walk with Ma Ri on the way home. Ma Ri is rejecting Soo Ri's invitation. Soo Ri tells Ma Ri that it always her dream to play in the school festival and she wants Ma Ri to fulfill it. When Soo Ri ask Ma Ri on the reason for not wanting to join, Ma Ri replies that she wants to study. They both go to opposite direction with Soo Ri saying that she will just discuss the joining of the club again tomorrow on school. At night time, Ma Ri is thinking of what Soo Ri says to her that afternoon. Saying that having a show on the festival sounds fun.

The next day morning, Ma Ri's professor is asking everyone in the class if they brought the equipment and says that the class performance will count towards their midterm grade. Ma Ri is asking herself on when the teacher ask them to bring equipment and if she forgot it again. Two of her classmates are gossiping about her, the other girl tells the other one that she purposely didn't say anything to Ma Ri regarding the need to bring equipment on the class that day. Soo Ri and Do Woo Mi pushes them on the side. Soo Ri and Woo Mi goes to where Ma Ri is. Soo Ri says that they should do the performance together. She says that they will discuss it while molding their clays on the class.

Chap 05b


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