Jo Ah Ra is being asked by her two friends if the rumour is true regarding her confession to Jung Jae Min. Ah Ra confirms it and says that both she and Jae Min agreed to just stay friends for a while since they don't know each other that well. But, Ah Ra lied to her friends. Two days ago, Ah Ra approached Jae Min and confessed her feelings to him but got rejected. Ah Ra was persistent on persuading Jae Min. When Jae Min was walking away, Ah Ra caught Jae Min's forearm, which made Jae Min frustrated, telling Ah Ra to let go of him since she has filthy hands. Ah Ra says to herself that she hasn't been humiliated on her life like that and she would never give up on Jae Min.

Scene has changed with Baek Ma Ri and Jae Min on the school's hallway. Jae Min is still asking Ma Ri if she had remembered their meeting on the subway. Ma Ri couldn't concentrate on Jae Min, feeling dizzy from her hunger. To wake herself up, she slaps her face. And tell Jae Min that if he's done talking then she wants him out of the way. Ma Ri walk past of Ja Min but gets cornered again. Jae Min demanded Ma Ri to say sorry for giving him a mental scar,.but she is not listening anymore and starting to lose herself. Succumbing to her hunger, she grabs Jae Min's hand and pull him towards her. She tries to reach Jae Min's neck but only gets up to his chest.

Chap 03

After realizing what she has done, she quickly apologize to him and walks out. A friend of Jae Min shows up, asking him on what he is doing and why is just standing up there. Jae Min asks his friend if he knows Ma Ri's name. His friend tells him the full name of Ma Ri and also says that she just transferred to their class not long ago. Ma Ri dashing out of the hallway is telling herself that what happened between her and Jae Min was not a mistake. She is convincing herself that it is all Jae Min's fault since he is weird guy.


Chapter 02: ForgetfulnessChapter 04: Curiosity


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