Ma Ri make a quick exit out of the train convincing herself that she didn't do anything suspicious. Only realizing afterwards that she doesn't know where she is at.

The scene has changed, Ma Ri is waiting his brother, Baek Joseph to get out of his school. Joseph is talking to one of his girl classmates when he suddenly drools while facing that classmate and saying "tasty" while looking at her neck. Ma Ri quickly grab Joseph and goes home. Later that night, Ma Ri is talking to her mother and telling her about Joseph's behavior earlier. Her mom said to just understand Joseph's urges since he is still young. Ma Ri then voices out her opinion that she doesn't want to move out of that place again and that she will be more careful - so they should too. After their dinner, both Ma Ri and her mom watch the recorded news of her uncle. Joseph is seen grabbing the mouse and eats it.

When Ma Ri is lying on her bed, she recalled her father asking her earlier if she have made some friends. She saw a flashback of herself when she was young, standing at the back of the other children who took a glance on her with a scared, discomfort feelings on their eyes. She then said to herself that she doesn't need any friends.

Two days later at school, Ma Ri is trying to look for the pig's blood inside her bag since it's their lunch time. While walking on the school's hallway and lost on thoughts on what to do, she bump herself on Jung Jae Min.

Jae Min ask Ma Ri if she knows him. Ma Ri being tired and hungry, didn't say anything and just want Jae Min out of the way since she doesn't remember him. Jae Min leaned closer to her and says that he thinks Ma Ri need to tell her something. Ma Ri is losing herself from hunger and staring at Jae Min's neck - telling herself that she is hungry.

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