On 20XX Autumn, Jung Jae Min is shown playing basketball with his other boy classmates on their P.E. class. Later on, some of the girls on that class were shown discussing about the news regarding vampires. Baek Ma Ri agreed when Jung Soo Ri asked if Ma Ri had the same opinion concerning her disapproval on vampires. Ma Ri said to herself that she does agree that it sucks for her to listen to her classmates talking bad about vampires, when she herself is one of those beings.

Chap 01b

The scene changed with Ma Ri's sitting on the class that afternoon with her other classmates. Their professor was talking about the history of vampires. The professor mentioned that 300 years ago a policy was implemented to wipe out the vampires due to their indiscriminating attacks against humans. This policy leads on the risk of extinction of vampires. But after two hundred years, the rights of the vampires has been acknowledged which resulted to an end to that extermination policy and forming the peace treaty between humans and vampires. The professor also mentioned that although the vampires today don't suck the human's blood, they can still be considered as dangerous beings. 

On their lunch time, Ma Ri ate her food with garlic on it which she just threw up in the bathroow afterwards. She said to herself that she can't get over on with her life and shouldn't be how anyone should live. She later on drank the pig's blood tetra-pack and told herself that she was doing good on ignoring what the other people is saying regarding her race.

Ma Ri was talking to her parents on her cellphone and was told that the vampire on the news this morning was her uncle. Ma Ri found out that her uncle will be banished for what he did. When Ma Ri was inside the train, she decided to take a nap, feeling tired from all the stress that she had on that day. The train goes to another terminal stop, Jae Min was shown listening to his music player while stepping inside the train. Ma Ri catch Jae Min's smell describing it as "something sweet" and telling herself on wanting to eat it. She later on, opened her eyes and realized that she is sucking Jae Min's neck.

Chap 01

Jae Min ask Ma Ri on who she is. Ma Ri is startled and said to herself that she is in trouble now.


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